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Displaying today's current traffic rankings according to pageviews. Arrows indicate if a site has changed spots since yesterday, and the final column shows how many positions a site gained or lost. Add your site to begin tracking your traffic with our free website hit counter today!


rank website traffic change
arrow1. 47,689 0
arrow2. 43,231 +2
arrow3. 36,935 0
arrow4. 9,759 +1
arrow5. 7,795 +2
arrow6. 7,656 0
arrow7. 6,796 +1
arrow8. 4,719 +1
arrow9. 4,661 +1
arrow10. 3,495 +1

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This is a free and simple website hit counter for people who don't want a lot of extra information. Anyone with a blog or website will love the ease of installation, presentation, and the ability to generally compare their site against others. - Killer Startups